“The Secret: What Great Leaders Know and Do” Part 2

share_05I read The Secret: What Great Leaders Know and Do this week in preparation for the 10th Anniversary release of Ken Blanchard & Mark Miller’s book. It was a great read! I would highly recommend it to anyone who is in any type of leadership capacity, whether leading in the home, in your school, at your job, at the gym, on the field, wherever life takes you!

All of us have the capacity and ability to lead because we all have influence somewhere in our lives. You may not be the boss or own your own business, but you can influence your co-workers by how you act and react at work. You may not be the teacher or the star student, but you can influence your teachers and fellow students in the words you say and the attitudes you bring.

So, on to the book! This was a very different style leadership book than I had first anticipated! I think I first expected it to have tips and skills and advice on how to be a good leader, particularly on how to be a servant leader because that is what Mark & Ken are all about. But, when I began reading I entered into the story of a woman who was learning herself how to be a quality leader. She had the potential, but that potential had been untapped. She started in over her head, overwhelmed, busy, and trying to keep her head above water. In the end, her team was successful, she was happy and had a healthy work life, and she had risen so much in leadership skill and quality that she was promoted to a higher position.

This book is an easy read, and well worth the read. The style of the writing makes this an engaging book that brings many application points and really identifies with readers. You can almost see yourself in her situation and identify well with her struggles, pains, and desire to improve and make things better. The secret did not come from making those under her leadership do more, did not come from quitting, did not come from some seminar or three-point sermon. The secret came from changing her perspective and outlook.

The secret is to SERVE. When you read the book, you will be able to see what each of these points means, and see them fleshed out in the life of the woman in the story. Servant leadership is not the norm in our culture today–but it works!! When people see you genuinely care about them and are willing to serve with them even when your position places you over them, that is good leadership.


Serve those who are under you. Jesus Christ was the greatest example of this. In position He was the Son of God, sent to take away the sins of the world through His sacrifice, and after His death Jesus Christ went to sit at the right hand of God. Positionally He was far superior to the disciples following Him. However, He tells us that He came to serve, not to be served, and He gave an amazing example of that as He got His hands dirty and washed the feet of His disciples.

So, no matter where you are in life, SERVE those around you. Serving goes a long way in relationships and opens up so many opportunities to then share the Good News of Jesus Christ. It is so true what so many of us have heard, that people don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care. Show people how much you care because we are the hands and feet of Jesus, and He cares about all of us!

Also, go and pick up or order this book online. It is so worth it. You won’t regret reading this and learning from The Secret what it means to be a good, effective leader wherever you are.


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