Twentysomethings unite and grab a copy of “All Groan Up”!

coverI recently had the privilege of reading Paul Angone’s latest book, All Groan Up. This follows on the heels of another book he has written, called 101 Secrets for Your Twenties.

The years between 20 and 29 can be a time where we are lost, found, confused, on track, right, wrong, satisfied, depressed, on top of the world, living in our parent’s basement, working a dead end job, getting fired from our “dream” job, and the complicated, contradictory list goes on, never seeming to really have much of anywhere to go (kind of like our lives seem to be doing), but in a hurry to get there.

Paul writes with an intense honesty that is both hilarious and yet penetratingly vulnerable all at the same time. Some of the situations he found himself in a ridiculous, and yet the principles of those situations are evident in my own life. He writes about an all-too-common struggle that many are all-too-silent about.

All Groan Up is full of adventure and true stories of struggle, pain, loss, and yet is also so full of hope, joy, and being found. One of my favorite quotes, and one of the turning points in the book, is this:

I thought I could tell God something about my identity with guilt. With all my bitterness and  pain, I could change the way he thought of me. But I’m slowly realizing I gave myself way too much credit. He doesn’t love like us; he loves like him.

Boom. So powerful. God doesn’t love conditionally like we do. God loves perfectly and unconditionally like only God can. What a profound turning point. It takes a journey to arrive there, but it becomes worthwhile the moment that light bulb comes on.

My prayer for every twentysomething who reads this book is that you will be encouraged, as I have been, along this journey, and that this book would give you the hope and the courage to keep pressing on and to keep moving forward. Don’t give up on yourself, on your family, on your friends. Don’t give up on God. He hasn’t gone anywhere.

Grab a copy of this book and join the rest of us on this journey forward through our twenties!


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