LEADERS SAY: “How Can I Help?”

No one wants to follow a selfish leader.

A selfish leader looks out for his own interests, and uses employees or followers to further those interests.

A selfish leader cares more about herself than the greater whole of the business, organization, or individual people who make it up.

The reality is, good leaders that people want to follow, ask the question:

How can I help?

This question differentiates between the servant and the served (selfish) leader.

The servant leader is the one who asks this question. The reason he asks this question is to genuinely care for and help those who are following.

The servant leader realizes she something that she can use to bless others. There are skills, abilities, and experiences the servant leader has that he can lend to others to engage, improve, and encourage the lives of others.

Remember that a servant leader is never above cleaning toilets, rearranging chairs, or wiping down tables.

Seek to be a leader who blesses the lives of other people. Be the kind of leader whom people

I think people would rather follow a leader who is willing to serve rather than a leader who only wants to be served.

What do you think? I’d love to hear your feedback on this. Leave a comment below.


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