beware of the “do”

Recently I was driving down the road and I drove past a sign that caught my eye. It was an older sign, well worn, and had some parts missing.

First, though, let me give you some insight into where my mind was when I saw the sign.

It was a Sunday afternoon. I’m a pastor, so Sunday isn’t a day of rest, but a day of building into others. There is a lot of giving and going on Sundays.

Specifically for me, a Sunday begins with preparing for youth Sunday school. I head over early, make sure the building is all set, music is playing in the background, check-in system is up and running, and sometimes getting donuts or making sure the food for that morning is all set.

Then I run through the list of things to do that morning in Sunday school, making sure I get everything covered like announcements and looking over the lesson for the morning.

Some students get there early, we talk and hang out, I walk around the church building talk to various people, doing different tasks. Sunday school begins as the first service does. We go through our order of service in Sunday school, praying together, learning together, hopefully being transformed together.

It’s off to the races after Sunday school. I either make sure the video has a way down to our other campus in Hamilton or I take it myself. I get it my car and drive quickly but safely to our campus to south in Hamilton. I get there and try to do similar things I did at the first campus: Make sure everything is set, check in with the worship team and sound guys making sure we’re all good to go. Then I try to talk with as many people as possible, do announcements, prayer, etc. Some Sundays throw a sermon in there as well.

Following the service we have more fellowship and hanging out, talking with people and doing whatever else needs to be done.

Suffice it to say that when I’m driving home at this point, I am a bit spent. That’s just what happens.

This particular day, as I’m driving, I’m thinking about the busy and frenetic pace of life it seems I’m caught up in and everyone else that I talk to.

How about you? Do you feel busy and frantic? Like you can never get it all done? 

Too often I think most of us feel this way… It’s not a good thing!

So here I am, driving, contemplating how fast-paced, task-oriented life can be sometimes, and I see this sign.

It used to say “beware of the dog”. But, somehow, the “g” was missing in dog.

So the sign now read “beware of the do”.

It really caught my eye. Not just my physical eye, but my mental eye. My brain was primed and ready for that sign. My heart was primed and ready for that sign. My body was primed and ready for that sign.

I think sometimes in life we can be so focused on doing things and getting things accomplished that we actually become ineffective.

When I was first starting out in ministry, I think that I focused more on doing rather than being. But the reality is, it is more importance to be than it is to do. Who I am is more important than what I do.

This week as you do life, don’t forget to be. Take the time to build into people, to make phone calls, send emails, sit in meetings, have difficult conversations.

Beware of the do.

We can get so caught up in doing things that we miss people. I’m guilty of it. I’m sure at some point you have been to. Don’t get so busy that you become ineffective.

People are more important than tasks. It’s sad that has to be said. But it’s the truth.

People are more important than tasks. Don’t miss people. Beware of the do.


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