LEADERS KNOW: Discipline

When you hear the word “discipline” what comes to mind?

One of the first things I think of is a consequence. I wasn’t the most obedient of children (understatement of the year!), so I was well acquainted with discipline, the consequence for my actions.

But discipline isn’t only negative. Consequences aren’t only negative either.

Positive consequences in life can come from living a disciplined life. 

As I reflect on discipline at a relatively older age, I understand discipline to be “consistently pursuing the best things.”

Lack of discipline is still pursuing something, but it’s usually pursuing the wrong things or unproductive/unhealthy things.

Living with consistency is really hard. But if it was easy, everyone would do it.

Being disciplined may be the hardest thing you do today. It might be the hardest thing you do tomorrow too.

Some days it’s easier than others, but every day it must be something that we choose to pursue. An undisciplined life is always lurking around the corner.

Here are 3 reasons I think we should all live disciplined lives:

1. Life is temporary; use it well. 

We will not live forever. We have a short period of time on this earth.

What are you doing with the short amount of time you have?

Work is temporary.

Parenting kids is temporary.

Money is temporary.

We would do well to remember what is temporary because often the short-term raises itself up as an idol in our life. We become slaves to the temporary.

Living disciplined means keeping the main thing the main thing, living with priorities and a broader perspective than most of those around you.

2. Your future depends on it. 

What you do today is setting the foundation for what you are able to do tomorrow. Whether it is money or exercise or health, the choices we make today significantly impact our future.

If we choose to be disciplined today with our finances, we will be better set up when it comes time to retire, or put a kid through college, or buy a car, or that ever-worrying emergency situation.

If we choose to be disciplined today with our health, we have the potential to live longer.

3. Others will be impacted by it. 

When we live disciplined lives others could be impacted by that.

We set an example by the way we act. We set the example for our kids, younger leaders, young adults, and others we engage with day-to-day.
My hope is that you will choose to either begin or continue today to live a disciplined life. And remember it is not just a one time decision, but one that must be made over and over and over again.



Additional Resource: Ways to Develop Daily Discipline


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