Do you own it or does it own you?

If we are not careful, something that we own can and will soon own us.

I own a computer, smart phone, TV, Apple TV, XBox 360, and tablet. Just writing that is convicting. What about you? What does your list of devices look like?

A “fast” is where you intentionally and voluntarily abstain, or hold yourself, from something, like food and water. Dr. Hart, author of The Digital Invasion, says, “The fact is that anything we can’t fast from owns us…digital fasting breaks the habitual patterns we fall into so easily” (p 161-162).

Dr. Hart offers The Digital Fast Challenge as an invitation for “people to regularly unplug from all their digital gadgets for twenty-four hours and plug into their real life.”

You can begin your journey of digital fasting by going to this website:

Also, here is what The Digital Fast Challenge will help you do.


I want to encourage everyone to take seriously the challenge, at some point this Fall, to truly disconnect from all technology for a period of time.

If we are not intentional, we will be owned by the things we own.



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