What are you investing in?

I’ve got to be honest… I don’t totally understand investments, 401k’s, 529 plans, and all the financial planning vocabulary. I am very thankful for those whose job it is to do the behind the scenes work and then “dumb it down” to talk to people like me.

I recently had a meeting with a financial planner talking about retirement and investments and things like that (because obviously a 27-year-old youth pastor is rolling in the $$$…), and while I may not have totally understood everything he was talking about, I did understand one thing: the value of investing right now.

The value of consistently doing a little bit from now into the foreseeable future is an invaluable decision; and money isn’t the only investment that matters.

We were created to live in community, not isolation. I believe we were also created to help those around us grow and develop.

Success is something often measured, at least in American society, on an individual scale. I have nothing against success. I’m a competitive person. I enjoy winning and I enjoy being successful. But I think our definition of success gets skewed when we think only as an individual.

It is one thing to be successful yourself, but I think individuals become more successful when they help others succeed. And it requires investment. I can’t help someone else succeed from a distance if I don’t put time and effort into it. It requires an investment and a sacrifice from me, intentionally choosing to build into someone else.

When we help others succeed, I think we all win.

When you look at your investments today, where are they focused? Are they self-focused or others-focused? Are they all about your time and your schedule? Are they temporary investments that won’t really matter a few years from now?

I want to challenge every person reading this to not just invest monetarily now for the future, but invest in the life of a young person. Help someone younger than you grow and develop and succeed in life. Help them get a leg up against the competition.

What would it look like for you to invest in the life of a young person?


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