Dangerous Good book review

“What do you call a wave of men who meet the demand for life-givers versus destroyers, blessings to humanity versus curses, redeemers versus villains? They are called the dangerous good” (p 185).

There is something deep within a man that Kenny Luck calls to. There is this deep desire to do something that matters, to live a life worth living, and to be a part of something bigger and greater than oneself. The problem is, life, work, and busyness get in the way.

Dangerous Good coverKenny calls us to something greater—something dangerous. There’s a longing in the heart of a man for adventure and danger; taking risks and living out a costly sacrificial life. That happens most effectively and satisfyingly through a relationship with Jesus Christ. The story He draws us into is one filled with adventure, danger, risk, cost, sacrifice, and something greater beyond oneself.

This Dangerous Good is a revolution, a movement, calling men to their God-given potential and calling to “recognize the opportunity within the challenge” and become men who honor women, live up to the leadership they are called to provide, and partner alongside women in the battle we face daily as followers of Christ in a fallen world. Luck says it this way: “This movement will be a glimpse of God and a breath of fresh air for all the world to take in” (p. 62). Truly, we could all use a little more of a glimpse of God and little more fresh air in the polluted cultural climate we are experiencing today.

Luck records something he said at a women’s conference, regarding many injustices around the world: The 800-pound gorilla in the room when it comes to injustice worldwide is that you can directly trace its origins to the hearts, character, and conduct of men (p 94).

Men have failed in many places and in most societies around the world. It has led to the #MeToo movement, the sexual exploitation and slavery of the youngest and most vulnerable among us, broken homes, companies and countries with no concerns beyond self-preservation and self-promotion.

Let us say, “Not on my watch!” Men, we are called in this book to the true ideal of what it is to be masculine–to be a protector and a provider who lives a purposeful life of service, humility, and wisdom. We have to pick up the ball, take up our mantle of responsibility and move forward to break through the warped cultural view of masculinity and what it truly means to be a man.

Take the first step and study the life of the most masculine man ever: Jesus Christ. Take notes. Then, take action. Read this book. Become a dangerous good man. Influence others to become dangerous good men and see a revolution come that honors, protects, and provides for women and children, stays faithful and committed, whose word is good and reliable, who is trustworthy, humble, kind, strong, and fights for what is right and good.

(received a free copy from Tyndale House Publishers for the purpose of review for the Tyndale Blog Network)


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