Mission over Method

Carey Nieuwhof writes, "Churches that love their method more than their mission will die." This has recently become one of my favorite quotes--almost a mantra if you will. The mission must be greater than the method or we are in trouble. This isn't just a church problem, but a business problem as well. Think of... Continue Reading →


When things don’t go according to plan…

Last night (Monday) we had planned to watch the Passion 2018 Online Experience. We were amongst thousands tuning in online because we couldn't make it down to Atlanta, GA to view it in person. We had a good group gathered, had good Wifi, good connection to the TV, and everything was set. But then the... Continue Reading →

Three steps to be more consistent

Take a minute a check your calendar from last week. What’s on it? What things did you give the all-important spots in your daily schedule? What priorities rose to the top and what things fell to the bottom, or got pushed to the next week or next month? Many have made mention of the reality... Continue Reading →

Resource Spotlight: MinistryDownloads.com

I recently had the pleasure of meeting Terrace Crawford at the Orange Conference in Atlanta. While we talked, he mentioned a new thing that he was starting at MinistryDownloads.com where contributors were able publish resources, such as sermons, media packages, powerpoint games, documents and more as a way to help and resource the big 'C' Church. This... Continue Reading →

Why should you take notes?

Technology makes my life easier. My phone can control a slideshow on my computer that is connected to a TV. I can control music in the same way, volume up or down, next song, etc. I can take notes in an app on my phone and have them transferred to an iPad, computer app, or... Continue Reading →

The Way to Peace

Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called sons of God - Matthew 5:9 Peace. It would be a nice thing wouldn't it? I have a hunch, call it a gut instinct, that world peace isn't going to happen anytime soon. Peace is honestly hard to come by. We don't really have much peace in... Continue Reading →

What’s in Your Heart?

The heart is an important part of life. It's not only physically important, in that our heart pumps blood through our entire body and without it we cannot live. Any medical problem with the heart is a really big deal. Even more important than the physical heart, though, is the deeper meaning of "heart" we often... Continue Reading →

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