Sunday School

All of us can probably agree that relationships are essential to life. One leader said, “You show me your five closest friends, and I’ll show you your future.”

We tend to become like the people around us. 

Our new series, beginning June 4, will be focused on relationships. We need to understand how to engage relationships with friends, family, strangers, significant others, etc. with a Christ-centered focus.

Here is the Bible Studies for Life blurb for our Summer 2017 series:

In our culture, people are more connected than ever, but somehow we lack deeply meaningful relationships. We’ll look into the ways God blesses His people, and blesses others through them, by means of our relationships—with family and friends, with authority figures and nonbelievers, and ultimately with Him!


Week 1 – Love Gives

The Point: Center every relationship on the unconditional love of Christ

The Passage: John 15:9-17


Week 2 – Building Friendship

The Point: Strong friendship grows because of shared commitment

The Passage: 1 Samuel 18:1-4, 19:4-7, 20:10-13


Week 3 – Respect Authority

The Point: We should respect the authorities God has placed in our lives

The Passage: 1 Samuel 24:3-12


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