Finding the Love of Jesus book review

I think I picked this book up by accident. I chose to read and review it based on the title because I had recently read The Forgotten Jesus. That book was all about understanding the Jewishness of Jesus and connecting the New Testament with the Old Testament, seeing how Jesus Christ fulfilled the Old Testament Prophets.... Continue Reading →


Parents Rising book review

Parenting is not for the faint of heart. I've only been a parent for just over a year and a half, but I am able now to better understand the commitment and sacrifice it takes to be a good parent. Technology and the culture around us don't make this any easier, either. It seems like... Continue Reading →

The allure of independence

There is something desirable about independence. Our daughter, Aliya, is walking now. She is no longer dependent upon her mother or I to carry her. She has more independence because she can take herself from one place to another. That’s one marker of independence. Another marker is getting your first set of car keys. Even... Continue Reading →

Care for your soul by caring for your body

I'm a big proponent of exercise. I purchase clothes just for the purpose of getting them sweaty, dirty, and torn up. I put my workouts into my calendar and have an overflowing Evernote notebook dedicated to keeping track of my workouts and progress. I have multiple apps on my phone related to exercise, running, and... Continue Reading →

All Together Different book review

At the core of this tension of unity, diversity, uniqueness, sameness, is identity. Identity is something that doesn’t get talked about much in the regular, day-to-day life we experience, but it is what we draw from in order to make decisions every day. Our identity, who we are, is inextricably intertwined with what we do. ... Continue Reading →

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