Failing to plan means you’re already planning to fail

Setting new goals can be exciting! You’re able to think through who you want to become and put a plan in motion to learn, grow, lose weight, gain endurance or muscle, feel better, eat healthier, and further develop yourself in some area of life. That’s such an exciting thing!  But it can also be hard. Setting a... Continue Reading →


Faith needs just as much discipline as fitness (and only one is beneficial in every way)

Much of my life has been filled with fitness at some level. When I was growing up,  I played soccer basically year-round. I played on school teams, travel teams, indoor teams, and random pick up games when we were able to put them together. Playing this much meant I had to stay in good shape.... Continue Reading →

The Church in Babylon (book review)

It is one thing to highlight a problem. It is a whole other thing to diagnose the problem and propose a solution. Almost anyone can find a problem and bring it to attention. Few offer solutions or alternatives. Erwin Lutzer finds himself in the latter camp, not the former. He diagnoses the world we are... Continue Reading →

Redeeming How We Talk

Words are powerful. I think we’ve all seen the truth of that. We’ve spoken a word we wish we hadn’t, and irreparable damage was done. Someone has spoken something over our life and it changed the trajectory of our future--for better or worse. Our words are so powerful, yet we throw them around like they... Continue Reading →

219 Sundays, some clarity, and a challenge

219. Two hundred and nineteen. It's a random number. Sunday would have been 220. It's the number of weeks, the number of Sundays, I was employed by Calvary Baptist Church. This week was the first Sunday in 219 consecutive Sundays that I was not employed by Calvary. It's a surreal feeling. Everything I've learned and... Continue Reading →

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