Lesson #8 from 8 Years: Time is your friend, but also your enemy

As these last few lessons have taken me weeks to write instead of days, it is living proof that time is your friend but also your enemy. I haven't written because the time has been invested in our students and leaders as we prepared for and experienced Challenge Conference 2022 in Kansas City, MO. What... Continue Reading →

Lesson #4 from 8 Years: Vulnerability

Vulnerability builds bridges. Well, appropriate vulnerability does at least. There is something about the weaknesses and honesty of other people that breaks down walls. Seeing someone else struggle helps you see them more as a human, helps you see their emotion, helps build your empathy and compassion toward them. I've learned over the years that... Continue Reading →

Lesson #3 from 8 Years: Games matter

Sometimes youth ministries get a bad reputation because “it’s all fun and games” and not enough Jesus. And I get that. Honestly, the critique is well-deserved in some contexts. There was a time when, to many, they were willing to do some crazy things to get kids in the doors. But then not much, or... Continue Reading →

Lesson #2 from 8 Years: Humility

There is a lot that has been said about humility. C.S. Lewis I believe said it this way: "Humility is not thinking less of yourself, it is thinking of yourself less." He means that it is not self-degrading, but choosing to serve others. Humility is intentionally choosing to lower yourself into a posture that helps... Continue Reading →

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