a new month and new resolutions

It's February 1. Officially 20 days beyond January 12. What is January 12? According to Strava, it is the date that most will see a decline in their New Year's Resolutions. At least one failure has come and more are likely to come. It is a fateful day for resolutions, and one that few resolutions... Continue Reading →

Paul vs. James book review

Can we do enough good things to receive salvation? Or is salvation by grace through faith alone? At first glance, it almost appears as if it depends on who you ask in the Bible! The Apostle Paul and James, the half-brother of Jesus, seem to write contrasting viewpoints. Paul writes in Romans 3:28 For we... Continue Reading →

failing to plan // planning to fail

Researchers in Great Britain worked with 248 people to develop better exercise habits over the course of two weeks. The participants were split into three equal groups. Group one was the control group, simply keeping track of how often they exercised over the two weeks. Group two was asked to track their workouts but also... Continue Reading →

different than expected

The smell is what hit me first. It was...off. It wasn't clear at first where it was coming from, or why. But it was strong. Then, I had a thought based on some other variables that entered my mind from previous days: "The laundry room drain." Ah! I ran down the stairs, flipped on the... Continue Reading →


The tradition I grew up in is not one in which I was well versed, or even partially versed, in the Solas of the Reformation. Through personal interest and study, I have come to a deeper appreciation of these theological distinctions and especially their significance in our current cultural climate. As the general editor, Jason... Continue Reading →

process and progress

Well, it's that time of year again. It's getting cooler, leaves are changing color, and my yard is completely covered in them. Yet somehow the trees above my already full yard are also still impressively full of more leaves that are going to fall. [Do I even try to move all these leaves? Is it... Continue Reading →

He Is Not Silent book review

“Preaching is therefore always a matter of life and death” (63). God speaks to His people through the public proclamation of His Word. God is not silent. He is not distant. He is not unknowable. We can hear Him, draw near to Him, and know Him through the Bible. The subject of this book is... Continue Reading →

Woke Church book review

When I first saw the title to this book, I didn't really know what to think. I actually thought negatively toward it, because I thought the title betrayed a way of looking at or doing church that was just trendy. I thought it was going to be about making a church seeker-friendly and adding more... Continue Reading →

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