The Church in Babylon (book review)

It is one thing to highlight a problem. It is a whole other thing to diagnose the problem and propose a solution. Almost anyone can find a problem and bring it to attention. Few offer solutions or alternatives. Erwin Lutzer finds himself in the latter camp, not the former. He diagnoses the world we are... Continue Reading →


The battle everyone is in but not everyone knows…

There is, as C.S. Lewis has so rightly written about, a health and an unhealthy perspective when it comes to spiritual warfare. There is a perspective that tends to have a preoccupation with seeing a "demon behind every bush" and the opposite perspective that is unaware there is even a spiritual battle going on. Tony... Continue Reading →

Redeeming How We Talk

Words are powerful. I think we’ve all seen the truth of that. We’ve spoken a word we wish we hadn’t, and irreparable damage was done. Someone has spoken something over our life and it changed the trajectory of our future--for better or worse. Our words are so powerful, yet we throw them around like they... Continue Reading →

219 Sundays, some clarity, and a challenge

219. Two hundred and nineteen. It's a random number. Sunday would have been 220. It's the number of weeks, the number of Sundays, I was employed by Calvary Baptist Church. This week was the first Sunday in 219 consecutive Sundays that I was not employed by Calvary. It's a surreal feeling. Everything I've learned and... Continue Reading →

Something other than the norm

I am in the process of reading Subversive Sabbath by AJ Swoboda. It is a deeply impactful, practical book. I'm only just past page 50. I suspect there will be more than one blog post that comes out of this. For some time I've been trying to understand more significantly, and experientially, what a biblical Sabbath... Continue Reading →

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