The most productive tool for your life and leadership

Leaders strive for productivity. It is an essential part of our DNA. This drive for productivity is the reason so many successful books have been written on it. Productivity drives us to use checklists and notebooks and calendars to keep ourselves on track and moving forward. As leaders, productivity is (or should be) a given. We... Continue Reading →


All Together Different book review

At the core of this tension of unity, diversity, uniqueness, sameness, is identity. Identity is something that doesn’t get talked about much in the regular, day-to-day life we experience, but it is what we draw from in order to make decisions every day. Our identity, who we are, is inextricably intertwined with what we do. ... Continue Reading →

Mission over Method

Carey Nieuwhof writes, "Churches that love their method more than their mission will die." This has recently become one of my favorite quotes--almost a mantra if you will. The mission must be greater than the method or we are in trouble. This isn't just a church problem, but a business problem as well. Think of... Continue Reading →

Talent Magnet by Mark Miller

I had the opportunity to be on another Mark Miller book launch team, this time for the book Talent Magnet: How to Attract and Keep the Best People. If you've never read anything by Mark Miller and you are in any sort of leadership role, you should go pick up some of his books right now.... Continue Reading →

Every stranger is also my neighbor

I have recently gotten into reading TED Books. Just like the short videos, these are shorter books filled with big ideas. The most recent book I'm reading is When Strangers Meet by Kio Stark. As I've read, I realized that in my thinking and perspective I had made a differentiation between “strangers” and my “neighbor.” It really, honestly,... Continue Reading →

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