Redeeming How We Talk

Words are powerful. I think we’ve all seen the truth of that. We’ve spoken a word we wish we hadn’t, and irreparable damage was done. Someone has spoken something over our life and it changed the trajectory of our future--for better or worse. Our words are so powerful, yet we throw them around like they... Continue Reading →


The next season for our family, a little Q&A

There are maybe at least a few wondering, "What are the Marshalls up to? Where are they moving? Why? What's the place called, again?" If you're not, that's okay, too. But for those who are curious, this post is designed to answer some of those frequently asked questions rolling around that sometimes we don't get... Continue Reading →

219 Sundays, some clarity, and a challenge

219. Two hundred and nineteen. It's a random number. Sunday would have been 220. It's the number of weeks, the number of Sundays, I was employed by Calvary Baptist Church. This week was the first Sunday in 219 consecutive Sundays that I was not employed by Calvary. It's a surreal feeling. Everything I've learned and... Continue Reading →

Something other than the norm

I am in the process of reading Subversive Sabbath by AJ Swoboda. It is a deeply impactful, practical book. I'm only just past page 50. I suspect there will be more than one blog post that comes out of this. For some time I've been trying to understand more significantly, and experientially, what a biblical Sabbath... Continue Reading →

Transforming Presence book launch

I got to be on another book launch team! It's a little hobby I enjoy doing and enjoy promoting strong messages from the authors that I think others need to hear as well. This specific book is called Transforming Presence by Daniel Henderson. I received a free book from Moody Publishers for review. Here's my review:... Continue Reading →

Joyful Obedience

True faith in Jesus Christ should result in joyful obedience to the whole Word of God (not just the parts we like, or the parts taken out of context that embolden us to live and say and do anything we want). Joyful obedience looks like growing in love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness,... Continue Reading →

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